Welcome to Innovation, lets live in theme of life style , we are the designers of weddings, we design the world of new livings for ever lasting memories, humans are here to stamp out their moments with their specials and we are the one who can enrich and innovate the innovative theme of lifestyle for their beloved ones.

                                ———“Tarun Koduri” CEO WedlinkS

Let’s recreate

imagination into real…

we understand every one who desires to be the best will choose the different concept, and we are here to help you to design in such desired way and make you proud by standing out of the crowd with small innovations.

For your convenience we will come to you for the discussion in your pleasant time . and will get back with theme made concept for your event.

Destination Wedding

Our Destination wedding plan

Just pick your dream place for your wedding and tell us the story how you wanted to be, on then we help to develop your imagination into reality, and please do not forget to tell us the silliest thing which you want add it in your wedding, because our team is very cautious about giving surprises.

Cultural theme

Theme of life
In rise fast of cultured
movement , we never miss our customs and we help them to redesign the cultural activities to get more fulfilled.

Color theme

Colored theme
We know why you reached us and we understand the importance of specifications , on same note we act on your responses and thoughts to get a lovely moment in any circumstances.

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